What does the consumer want now and in the future? Do your brand and claims reflect the perception of your target group and current values? The answer to such core questions forms the basis for market success. We closely follow national and international trends. We are able to distinguish hypes from relevant developments and translate important cosmetic trends into concepts and products that contribute to your turnover development.​


There is always room for volume growth. Whether this generates more turnover depends on strategic choices. The cosmetic market is very competitive, with numerous promotions putting pressure on turnover and margin. But there are certainly opportunities. Genuine products that add tangible value and offer convenience are still very popular among consumers.​


Green is in. And that applies to cosmetic products too, in all segments. The consumer increasingly chooses modern and fair products, based on natural ingredients, produced and packaged in a way that will minimise their environmental impact.​


Critical, self-aware consumers want to demonstrate that they make responsible choices, for themselves and their children as well as the environment. Green, fair and multipurpose products are important trends for the total product and brand. The choice must match their lifestyle and consumers want to personally experience the brand of their choice. As a leading producer of private labels and leading brands, we offer our customers professional and full service support aimed at transcending existing consumer wishes with innovative cosmetic concepts.​


Consumers are willing to pay (a little) more for cosmetic products, as long as they experience real added value. Products offering a ‘wellness experience’ at home do well, as do products backed by a recognisable, identity-confirming story. The convenience factor and solving skin or hair problems are also experienced as added value. For bath, shower and sun care products, there is a continuing trend for integrated skincare, while in hair care there is a lot of attention for prevention and repair. ‘What does that shampoo do for my hair and indirectly for me?’​


In the realm of beauty and healthcare – also for men, babies and children – there is a stable trend towards ‘total’ concepts and care lines. Shampoos combined with a cream or oil; complete, familiar lines for skincare (hands, face, body, day and night), one package for complete baby care. Identification and lifestyle play an important role here. Presentation and packaging add clear value. Liquid hand soap in a distinguishing and representative packaging, for example, does very well. Also as a gift item.​


Sustainably and reliably tested, of impeccable origin, natural and organic, no risk, nourishing. These are the features that consumers like in ingredients. At Hegron Cosmetics, we take this into account at the very earliest stage. We are constantly looking for new and reliable ingredients that could form the basis for innovative product concepts with added value. At the same time, we strive to keep rising ingredient prices under control. Because the consumer may be willing to pay a little more for distinguishing cosmetic products, but pricing must remain realistic.​


Corporate Social Responsibility receives optimum attention within our company. We are critical of return flows and packaging materials.