In current market dynamics, clients need cosmetic samples that fulfil high quality requirements. Everything has to be right: legislation and regulations, the safety of ingredients, the claims. Above all, they must have the potential to develop into products that add value to your assortment and turnover. Our R&D department thinks and works in terms of your market interests.​


We are proud of our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory and our experienced R&D experts who are passionately committed to working with you. This is the ‘test kitchen’ where we prepare innovative concepts and products. Every year, our R&D team produces around 700 cosmetic samples per year for customers who put their trust n our expertise and innovatory power.​


Using multidisciplinary teams composed of specialists from R&D, Sales & Marketing and Quality & Legal, we offer proactive support and assistance in product development. Your strategic frameworks and existing regulations are our benchmark. The stringent internal quality requirements, which are inherent in our corporate culture, contribute to your success. We strictly monitor whether claims meet EU cosmetics regulations.​


Our R&D specialists have years of experience in the cosmetics industry. We offer unlimited access to professional literature and frequent participation in seminars and courses. After all, it is in our shared interest that our people are fully informed about the latest trends and developments in our field.​


As soon as you give the green light to our cosmetic samples, we start extensive testing. On stability and compatibility, for example. We also conduct our own bacteriological studies in-house. For specific test procedures such as testing sunburn in vivo or in vitro, we work closely with specialist laboratories. Our intensive test procedures serve one goal: creating products that are guaranteed to fulfil our joint high quality requirements, legislation and regulations and the expectations of your customers.​

Our research & development team focuses on 

developing your product samples 


Corporate Social Responsibility receives optimum attention within our company. We are critical of return flows and packaging materials.