Turnover optimisation through product innovation. That’s the aim we try to achieve with you. During the development phase, we test the materials, concepts and products against European regulations and official quality requirements. Our up-to-date knowledge of international cosmetics regulations and our certified processes offer you the best possible guarantees.​


You have the certainty that our products and packaging comply with all current national and international EU cosmetics regulations. Ingredients, packaging materials, labels and end products are intensively tested and checked for specifications. This takes place in our own laboratory, but also in partnership with external, specialised laboratories. The result: consistently high quality cosmetic products.​


Our quality system guarantees transparency from the source. During the quality control of incoming ingredients, perfumes, labels and packaging, all components are registered and where necessary labelled. This approach enables us to guarantee traceability throughout the production process.​


Every year, our company is audited by external GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality inspectors. These audits are intended to certify the quality of our products. Systematic application of the international GMP guidelines, drawn up to eliminate product risks, offers you certainty regarding optimal product safety.​


Besides product-related trends and developments, we closely monitor EU cosmetics regulations. However detailed the amendments are, our specialists from Quality & Legal are well- informed. As an extra service, we offer support in the notification of products and safety assessments required by current cosmetics regulations. We are a member of the NCV (Netherlands Cosmetics Association), which is represented by The Personal Care Association. This European branch organisation represents the interests of all manufacturers and importers in the European member states.

We ensure an 

environmentally friendly process


Corporate Social Responsibility receives optimum attention within our company. We are critical of return flows and packaging materials.