As a leading cosmetics manufacturer of private labels, leading brands and our own Hegron brand, our company has a rich history. It all started in the 1950s, with the opening of a hairdressing salon in Zaanstad, which made cosmetic products for its own use.

Following the great response to these hairdressing products, particularly its hair sprays and brilliantine, the strategic decision was taken to enter the market in 1960. Contacts with possible buyers soon produced results. A well-known supermarket in Zaandam started selling Hegron cosmetic products in twenty of its branches.​


Within a short space of time, the former hairdressing salon became a versatile producer of cosmetic products, known today as Hegron Cosmetics. By systematically investing in people, machines and processes, our expertise, technology and production processes are always up to date. We are therefore able to distinguish ourselves now and in the future as an innovative and reliable full service partner for the development and creation of high quality products at a competitive price.​


Hegron Cosmetics wants to be the best partner in the cosmetics industry for its customers.​


Hegron Cosmetics endeavours to be a good, flexible and reliable partner for its customers, offering high quality products at a competitive price at all times, now and in the future, to guarantee the continuity of your and our organisation.​


Corporate Social Responsibility is a key aspect in our business. We critically assess return flows and packaging materials. We strive to achieve energy efficiency in our production processes and help reduce CO2 emissions in the logistic chain. Our CSR policy will continue to have high priority in the future too.​


  • Over 60 years’ experience in developing private labels and leading brands​
  • Excellent price/quality ratio​
  • Production processes according to GMP standard​
  • Around 175 dedicated employees​ 
  • Highly qualified and experienced management​
  • Wide range of production tanks for rapid production changes​  
  • Multifunctional and flexible filling lines​ 
  • Microbiology and product development in own laboratory​  

Hegron Cosmetics: is a full service organisation 


Corporate Social Responsibility receives optimum attention within our company. We are critical of return flows and packaging materials.